Vivo X21’s Dual Rear Camera Is Fast Enough To Clearly Capture The Most Fleeting Moments

Two is better than one, they said. The same is also true for smartphone cameras. In the previous years, dual rear cameras have been extremely popular. Yet, worldwide cell phone mark Vivo has been pushing the innovation further to upgrade each client's understanding.


The dual rear camera of Vivo X21is equipped with Dual Pixel Sensors that come with fast-focusing technology to rival the quality of professional cameras. To be specific, the dual rear camera renders a well-focused image in just 0.03 seconds.

This is accomplished on the grounds that every camera sensor pixel of the X21 is worked with two autonomous photodiodes or light sensors. They catch two arrangements of picture information when a photograph is taken. The two arrangements of information caught by photodiodes from every pixel are coordinated to get the ideal core interest. The outcome is a consistent ordeal for each Vivo X21 client who needs to catch those transient minutes in a single brisk snap. Since nothing can be more baffling than taking photographs of rare minutes, just for them to turn out blurred.

The Dual Pixel Sensors, meanwhile, enable the Vivo X21 to capture the depth of field data in every pixel. With two photodiodes, each pixel received a greater amount of light to create a better photo. Every shot using Vivo X21’s dual rear camera result high-resolution and clear photos for keeps. 

Perfection is an understatement when photos are taken using the Vivo X21. 

On top of the Dual Pixel Sensors, the X21’s dual rear camera is also packed with AI technology. Its AI algorithm learns from a large database to detect different scenarios and adjust for the perfect shot.

Actually, the X21 can distinguish and recognize 18 labels and 140 situations, for example, pictures, food, and plants as it shoots, making it a decent cell phone for the individuals who take a considerable measure of photographs. It is initiated by utilizing Vivo's AI calculation in light of a vast database of right around one million photographs. Through this database, the X21 can distinguish distinctive situations and change settings, for example, immersion, sharpness, and shine.

Its AI Scene Recognition can help them declutter their albums by identifying the classification of each photo. It even goes beyond the night, sports, vibration, or backlit scenarios.

The Vivo X21 also has an AI HDR feature that captures more frames of a wider dynamic range to brighten up dull photos taken in backlight situations. The AI knows how to accurately even out the light of a photo to ensure that the subject is the clearest and most vivid in the frame through its Photo Optimization Cube and P3 camera.

No more dull photos with Vivo X21.

No more dull photos with Vivo X21.

With just a single press of the shutter, for instance, Vivo X21s AI HDR technology allows the cameras to capture more frames of a wider dynamic range. This provides more image options for merging to perfectly light all the parts of the eventual photo to render crisper results. 

The Vivo X21 is available for only Php29,999. It is retailed at authorized shops nationwide. The list of participating stores can be found on this link: #

About Vivo
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