A source of strength through thick and thin

Espidillon shares her story of resilience and PRU Love

Life is full of uncertainties, and cancer is one of the toughest challenges families can face. Here, we share the story of one of our policy owners who found a lifeline in the form of insurance. For Cerila Espidillon, her insurance plan not only provided financial assistance but also served as a source of strength for her and her family, enabling them to confront the ordeal without worrying about the added burden of debt. 

Espidillon shares her story of resilience and PRU Love:

“I have been insured by Pru Life UK since 2013. I come from a poor family and saw people borrowing money when they got sick, and people who relied on their children to take care of them. I told my husband that I don’t want our kids to worry about us when we grow older.

I knew I made the right decision when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2022. Strangely, I didn’t worry and continued with my work here in Dubai. My biggest concern was my kids seeing me sick.

My friend and agent, Peach, helped me process my claim. It was so fast. I didn’t need to follow up because not long after I gave all my documents, the claim was already in my account.

The claim not only helped me pay my hospital bills without going into debt, but also made me feel at ease knowing I am financially covered. I felt the care that Pru Life UK has for its clients. Now I can focus on my recovery and my kids.

Insurance policies offer peace of mind and financial protection, especially from unforeseen incidents. If we want a better life, we need to get insurance.”

Espidillon’s story is just one example of how crucial life insurance can be for families, offering peace of mind during difficult times. 

To keep families protected, Pru Life UK launched PRUHealth FamLove, a yearly-renewable protection plan that shares the critical illness coverage to up to four family members in one policy. 

To know more, visit https://www.prulifeuk.com.ph/en/health-insurance/pruhealth-famlove/ or contact a Pru Life UK financial advisor.  

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