Celebrate Poppin' Fun on International Popcorn Day at SM Cinema

 International Popcorn Day at SM Cinema

On January 19, International Popcorn Day, get ready to celebrate with the ultimate poppin' party at SM Cinema! Join in on the global celebrations as SM Cinema launches a special deal that is available for the whole day at all Snack Time locations.

Treat yourself to thirty grams of delicious popcorn for just nineteen pesos. This exclusive deal is a respect to the affection we all have for this beloved crunchy classic snack, bringing happiness, taste, and a hint of nostalgia to popcorn lovers everywhere. For cinema enthusiasts, it's the ideal combination, enhancing each scene with the excitement of popular movies playing at SM Cinemas.

There's never too much popcorn on International Popcorn Day, so don't miss the thrill of trying out various tastes like cheddar, sour cream, BBQ, and melted butter—all of which are available at regular pricing! We'll see you at SM Cinema for an amazing experience!

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